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I need you

Thinking back upon the events that guide us to this place,
I thrust my mind from your momentary beauty grateful that you surrendered ending my chase.

I saw you first as my heart caught fire while you moved about with measured grace,
softly stepping or walking firmly as each deliberate footfall spoke of determination in your pace.

I think on my love sick desires to have your photo in my grasp,
while keeping heart in check from fruitless efforts in the past.

For the beauty seen in you at a moments pause as for something you tried to find,
I saw tenderness in your touch, though of my stare you seemed not to mind.

The slippery slope of love with its twists and turns I’ve spoken of before,
riding the tunnel of love to end avoiding the traps of pain and loss that likely beset, turns love in to a chore.

Yet, was it your conscience beauty that captured my eye and mind,
or like measured tunes from a piece well written did my heart become entwined.

Did I merely envision the end as we lay arms embraced,
did I toss and turn on nights without end as I hid the love on my face.

Cautiously seeking my heart twisted and reeling from loves accelerated pace,
I saw the beauty of love’s hope and dreams flow like water down my face.

I cautioned myself, what’s the use is there any hope of ending embraced as we are,
perhaps we might as on glorious nights we both sought the same reachable star.

Did I

Did I

Did I some how miss you, is the pace of life too fast,
did I have the door of friendship torn from hands by winters typical blast,

I say I saw as ever I do sweet beauty that is yours, rightly daily nightly lift this heart as happened in times past.

we know not each other likely never will, as time moves forward and seems never to hold still,

tell me tender beauty when for a moment you have to dream, see yourself on board a ship off from port billowing clouds of steam,

or perhaps you are a teacher tending to your wards
or a machinist worker who’s mindful
of milled shards.

or perhaps a gentle maiden who to one your beauty is quite clear, or eyes of your tender beauty holding words that are so dear.

Did I some how miss it seems life gathers pace, as we choose to maintain our balance in this our human race.

Heart Pauses

Heart pauses at the beauty, while

skirting the desert floor,my heart

and mind begged for relief from

duty on distant shore;

From where did the memory of

your tender touch reach through

fog in my mind, and strip my sight

of mornings light as though nite

had never come.

Where was the taste of your

sweet tongue as I sought for

my life’s measure, did not you

pledge your gift of life and to

this our endless pleasure.

The summer sun is hottest when

it promises growing power, while

i think on ways we might enjoy the

passing days touching hour by hour.

23ivanalves asked: What mean runaway for what

Have you ever wanted to sleep and awaken in forever, or would you like dream a dream of pleasure where the colors are soft pastels and the warm sun caresses you all over your body.

Perhaps in this forever you can run without tiring and fly without touching the ground hop over rivers and streams as easily as stepping over a rolled newspaper.

We can skim the tops of ocean waters and arrive safely at our destination.
Take my hand and with your permission I will take yours. Soft warm firm and assured of grip. Hair that moves as we fly or bounces as we run.

Lips softest wet and glistens in their rich beauty. Eyes that touched mine as held them as would the most beautiful of sunrises sunsets or the mists the toil to the coast from crystal or darkened waters.

Take me sweet charity.

A poet might say___

___bend your heart towards mine-let your breast touch mine as nature causes heart and heart to match rhythm and beat as one.

I stare in to eyes of passion as they radiate love immeasurable.

I touch hair that radiates and is soft as down.

I smell the sweet nectar of your beauty as my senses reel.

I feel the warmth of your body as it caresses mine.

I hope that the minutes will morph into hours into days into forever.

Rain Notions


rain notions

dearest treasure, whose heart is like that of a

dove…counter this when the rains fall from above

cold and dreary sans love, not cheery…

there is still joy to salvage when you can not go out

think of the silly friends who yet hold you dear whose

fun loving ways make the passage of days

and bearing in mind that work must be done or running

errands in haste that is never fun

but listen to sounds of love as the drops hit, think that

each one that lands is a kiss from a love whose face may

yet be unseen or voice not yet heard

but who cares from many miles away least the cold become

more bold

and bearing down would not love have a sound as it fell to

our feet or kissed our faces.

I Envisioned

Curiously my fingers traced softly over your eyelashes, gently moved over the ridges of your lips and tenderly explored your hair, ears, and the graceful contour of your neck.

Warm, supple and graceful - woman by design is sensual charm, by GODS power - wondrous beauty; not from a soup from Earth’s beginningsuch form not chanced, Life’s miracle as through a rehearsed dance.

Humanity personified as unique - songs, sonnets, and prose remark about woman’s strength and charm;

vibrant - persuasive, diligent, insightful hers is a kinder sweeter argument;

intelligent - thorough, determined, her persistence is relentless;

tough - beyond her femininity, a sensitive team player or rugged individualist;

motivated - beyond the imagination of men, governments, and even religions, and first children, gently as she wishes;

kind - warm, strong, gentle, filled with grace an enduring memory, the vision of her face;

humorous - mirth, joy, and her tireless laughter, problems become less of a dilemma under her smile;

witty - a quip or Bible verse, a parable or long forgotten rhyme, her memories she can share span the length of preceding generations time;

adventurous - this proven and miracles never end, she has climbed the highest mountains, explored space and found satisfaction in the deepest seas; or the most difficult task, to raise her young;

peacemakers - seeking above all else, until words fail;

warriors - then to battle as needed and her desire to win is without match;

negotiators - seeking to mediate when society or even home asks or demands;

judges - when peaceful existence can not be met, she decides;

attorney - she is better defending, as I would much rather have her beside me than;

prosecutor - opposite me in the court room or the living room, she has humbled all;

referee - she can see the truth often before we have realized the why of our argument;

all - woman is GOD’S vision, and answer to complete our World.

Flower Love Notes

First…no real lovers were harmed in the making of this blog. Any lessons from life were gained through some painful revelations, but the experiences were joyous enough and innocent enough to last a life time. I am truly and sincerely grateful. Hugs…we begin:

The Petals

Like gentle snowflakes the tree reluctantly surrendered its beauty. As with royalty the petals spread upon the ground perform their final duty. With the timeless love of the ages This book is without an ending to its pages. Kings and Queens have long admired the timeless art amongst the limbs Princes and Princesses learned to fancy each others royal whims. Not a day passes when I do not think of you Remembering our nights passions will carry me through. Should darkness befall me during my current quest I pray be returned to you and our blessed love nest.


Rain Laden Blossoms

Storms fury not relenting, too late these beauties for repenting. Storms rage intensifies through the night, no way can tender blossoms fight. Storms anger by lashes of wind do grow, a pity that land locked artworks cannot go. Storms power unleashed mighty so strong, not a tender mercy to touch seems so wrong. Storms push the waters so swift, the tender flower can only drift. Storms are the masters of energy through waves, a flower is a chosen vessel whose beauty is forever saved.

Loves’ Notes: This came to me today…seemingly as a cold drop of rain upon my nose: Friendship is like the life of the flower. This is indeed treacherous ground, but please hear me out. Seriously, look at its cycle. It normally begins with a favorable impression, a passing by or even a pause…say school, shared interest, work, friends. Oh, bull. Some scoff, others shake their heads at the folly of it all. The similarity: the flower attracts our gaze with its color, structure, and symmetry, even, with its fragrance. So ends the way to gain our attention. You are missing something? Ah, the flower starts from some where, a seed, a cutting, even something which might have lain buried for years.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Vision Of Eternity

I crossed over my last breath escaped in a field of flowers, not necessary a priests last rites GODS eternal beauty has power

such a beautiful resting place I stumbled then fell—the arrows pierced my chest I heard nary a yell

only the soft whisper of the arrow in flight Its thud was an acknowledgment to the archers skill and sight I sought to bravely muster forward but my heart seemed tired

my comrades fled from me in terror—brave men all when first hired

hypocrites now with me staved in the chest, a drink and a song this night would put me to rest

yet not a place so beautiful a shattered peace one might find to bring a better outcome to a life such as mine I could not see their beauty looking sky ward as I died I could smell GODS gift of his glory told time after time

many the dying would prefer this way perhaps true or just a passing nothing fancy a brief toodle lou

I am blessed to lie among such miracles of beauty—all I did was attempt my duty.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Trellis of Endless Perfection

Memories of your smile lift my heart from its sometimes murky depths. Traces of your laughter sweeten my drinks and seem to be a kiss upon my lips. Images of your beauty are a pillow upon which I am able to rest my head. The smell of your skin is an elixer without which I will never heal. The soft down of your hair is a veil that intrigues and envelopes my senses in its majestic aura. You are a friend, an enigma, a lovely question without a definite answer. It makes you perfection.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The Flower Not Visited

Her beauty was renown, most seeing her would not have found. I saw her from within at first thought a friend, like gathering clouds when the storm begins. As did the kings of the old ages, funny the same words are found within select pages. I found no mockery within her eyes, perhaps a unique desire for surprise. It was I who was taken, my desire for my old life now forsaken. I saw I have the feelings, that sent Van Gogh reeling. My thoughts shaken from my revelry, introduced now to blessed heraldry. I sought to be a part of her heart, this I did without her look or start. The awakening of the morning glory, brought forth an end to my sad story. Like a bee to the false flower, a scent draws a multitude by hours. Was the pitcher plant digestive juices, too late I have no excuses. Like the flower though my love will never die, even if viewed from distant eyes. I will cherish those moments past of what might be, and know that I will honor her memory.

# # # # # # # # # # # # #